Description / Nature of the product:
Modified poly-chloroprene latex, 50% c.a in water.

Application by:
Spray gun, roller machine.

Ideal for coupling and folding leather, eco-leather, fabrics, covers, cardboards, for producing belts, uppers, bags, wallets, heels, orthopedic insoles and for assembling insoles.

Instructions for use:
Apply the adhesive on both sides. Let it dry until the film of adhesive becomes transparent. Couple and press.

Open Time:
Up to 12-24 hours, depending on the amount of adhesive used and on the kind of support.

Water based adhesive, does not leave spots, does not stiffen the leather and does not gum the needle in the seam. It is stabilized for spraying application. High tack on the surfaces, perfect hold on leather and synthetics. Quick drying and long open time. It can be used together with poly-chloroprene solvent based adhesives. Non toxic, non inflammable, non harmful.

If the open time is exceeded, bonding can be made after having warmed up at 60°C the material to bond.